Outlands College of Heralds

Words from the White Stag Principal Herald:

White Stag is the Principal Herald for the Outlands - the Voice of the King of the Outlands. White Stag is also the primary administrative herald to whom all heralds in the kingdom report and who then reports to the Laurel Sovereign of Arms, the Crown, and the Kingdom Seneschal. This officer is responsible for all the heraldic functions of the kingdom, and many tasks are delegated to the many deputies to the office. White Stag's traditional ceremonial duties are to perform the court heraldry for Coronation and the field heraldry for the first and last rounds of Crown Tournament. Please feel free to contact White Stag with questions about these or other topics at: whitestag 'at' outlandsheralds.org.

Magister Æðeluulf munc
White Stag Principal Herald

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