On Wearing Circlets In The Outlands

From: Jeffery A. Cunico
To: 'Outlands College of Heralds List'
Subject: Wearing Circlets...
Date: Monday, February 02, 1998 12:59 PM

Artan macAilin sends greeting to the Outlands College of Heralds,

Good Gentles, I hope you are all well.

I was asked a question at al-Barran's fighter practice yesterday concerning to wearing of 1/2 inch circlets. Duchess Leah Kasmira of Natterhelm was lead to believe that only members of Grant Level orders (Stag, Iron Hart, Flower of the Desert, Sharparrow and White Scarf) were entitled to wear circlets, and Her Grace was inquiring to see if this was in fact true.

The Outlands has NO sumptuary laws. The SCA has a few (white belts for knights, strawberry leaves for dukes, etc..), so of course these are applied to the Outlands.

I attended the court where His Majesty, King Torn announced that he wanted GoA level award holders to wear circlets. He didn't mention anything about ONLY being in the GoA level orders. Of course any proclamations that King Torn made are only applicable during that reign. King Lycurgis or King Cameron could have added or detracted from whatever King Torn said.

So as of right now, it is acceptable for ANY GoA holders (plain or in orders) to wear a circlet (subject to Their Majesties wishes). This would also seem to imply that Peers -- by virtue of the fact that they have more rank and precedence -- should be able to wear at least a 1/2 inch circlet as they desire. Remember, there are NO sumptuary laws, so none of this is regulated, it is just what custom and tradition allow and right now the trend is to allow GoAs and Peers to wear circlets.

I remain your obedient servant,
Artan, White Stag