White Stag Principal Herald Domesday Report AS XXXV

Outlands College of Heralds
From the White Stag Principal Herald
Timothy O'Brien,

2000 End-of-Year Summary Report of the White Stag Principal Herald

Unto the Crown of the Outlands; the Laurel Queen of Arms and Pelican King of Arms of the SCA; the Kingdom Seneschal of the Outlands; the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the Outlands; the Kingdom Scribe of the Outlands and her deputies; the Palmer, Blue Iris, Wimble, Plover, Gimlet, Trefoil and Fretty Heralds of the Outlands; the Wharrow, Weel, Aspen, Scorpion, Scalene, Rook and Barbican Pursuivants; the Pursuivants Extraordinary of the Shires, Cantons and Colleges of the Outlands; the good and faithful deputies to these officers; the Heralds Extraordinary, Heralds, Pursuivants, Pursuivants Extraordinary and Cornets at large of the Outlands College of Heralds; all other members of the College of Arms; all those others who practice and learn the heraldic arts; the good populace of the Outlands; and all others to whom these letters may come, upon this 21st day of January, A.S. XXXV (AD 2001), does the Honorable Lord Timothy O'Brien, White Stag Principal Herald, send warmest greetings.

Let these letters serve as the end-of-year ("domesday") summary report for the office of the White Stag Principal Herald for the modern year 2000 (A.S. XXXIV-XXXV). I have held this office for the complete duration of the year. My appointment was on an interim basis through March, when my warrant was officially drafted and signed.

If you are a local seneschal and are receiving this report, it indicates that I do not have a herald listed for your local branch, or that I have not heard from that person in a very long time. Shires, cantons and colleges are allowed to go without a herald; baronies are not. If you are a local seneschal and you do have a herald about whom I am unaware, please put that person into contact with me ASAP. Thanks!

Roster and Reporting: The updating of the Roster of the Outlands College of Heralds has been an ongoing process during the last 15 months. My most up-to-date version will be enclosed with this report in the hardcopies sent to local groups. We will update the roster on the CoH website ASAP. Heralds "at-large" are no longer required to report to me, although information about heraldic activity in which you participated is always welcome.

Deputies: The Roster includes current information on my deputies. Changes made in the last year: Lord Naitan de Yerdeburc became the Rampart Herald (submissions) last March. Countess Kathryn of Iveragh became the Wimble Herald and THL Safia al Sabia al Zarqa became the Plover Herald (field heraldry) in July. Lady Irina Vukoslava became the Wharrow Pursuivant (fundraising) in August. Lady Kiena Munro became the Fretty Herald (commenting) in September. Master Juan Balthazar de Tigrerro became the Palmer Herald (drop-dead) and Countess Aindrea MacCullaich became the Gimlet Herald (ceremonies) in December. Baroness Emma of Essex has just become the Weel Pursuivant (publications) this month. (Phew! I think that's everybody!) I am delighted with the makeup of the Senior Staff of the Outlandish College of Heralds as it currently stands. Thank you all! Traveling and Communication: Last year, I wrote that I hoped to greatly increase communication amongst the hearlds of this kingdom, and between this office and the local branch heralds. I am delighted to report that we have been overall successful in this effort. I feel that I have a good working relationship with most of branch heralds of the Outlands, and hope to extend this to the rest of you. I have been thrilled by the conversations which have sprung up on the Outlands Heralds email list, and I hope that we can continue in that vein.

I promised last year that I would be trying to visit each of the Outlands branches during the year. I regret that financial circumstances and a broken vehicle made this impossible, although I did reach many outlying branches to which I had never or seldom before traveled. I hope to reach the rest of you in the next year. A very-tentative schedule of my attendance at events which are already on the Outlands calendar follows. I would be happy to meet with local heralds and clients, teach any of a number of classes, address any concerns or questions you may have, or otherwise assist you in any possible way when I visit.

January 27, 2001 Imbolic (Gleann Meadonach)
February 3, 2001 Candelmas (Dragonsspine)
February 14-19, 2001 Estrella War (Atenveldt, Atenveldt)
March 10-11, 2001 Crown Tournament (al-Barran)
March 17, 2001 Heralds & Scribes Symposium (St. Golias)
April 7, 2001 Bardic & Dance Collegium (Windkeep)
April 14, 2001 Queen's Prize (Caerthe) [tentative]
April 21, 2001 Sworded Affaire (al-Barran) [tentative]
May 12-13, 2001 Coronation
May 22-28, 2001 Grand Outlandish (al-Barran)
June 1-3, 2001 Known World Heralds & Scribes (Nordskogen, Northshield,
June 29-July 2, 2001 Glory (Unser Hafen) [tentative]
August 4-5, 2001 Stags Bloodbath & Kingdom Warlord (al-Barran) [tentative]
August 24-26, 2001 Dragons Quest X (Hinterland) [tentative]
August 31 - Sept. 3, 2001 Silver Pass VI (Rio de las Animas Perdidas)
September 8-9, 2001 Crown Tournament
October 5-8, 2001 War of the Staked Plains (Scorpions Hollow) [tentative]
October 13-14, 2001 Outlands A&S [tentative]
November 10-11, 2001 Coronation
December 15-16, 2001 al-Barran Midwinter Celebration (al-Barran)

I would very much like to visit the smaller and more outlying branches of the Outlands, but I haven't seen many events for those branches on the kingdom calendar. I know that such branches often have only one or two events per year, and I will make every effort to attend your event if it is one of those.Outlands Heralds & Scribes, March 17, 2001: The Outlandish Heralds & Scribes Symposium will be held at the College of St. Golias on March 17th this year. I hope many of our branch heralds and heralds at-large can attend. The autocrat is Lord Torcail Gillegholain (mka Tony Perreault), [contact info elided, as this is a long past event], .

Stagscon: Stagscon, our annual meeting of the kingdom and local officers, will be held on August 11-12. Branch heralds and Senior Staff, if you make only one "away" event this year, please make it Stagscon. It is a fundamentally useful tool for communicating and learning about what we, as heraldic officers, do and need to do.

Submissions: Heraldic submissions should be sent to the Rampart Herald, Lord Naitan de Yerdeburc, whose information is on the enclosed roster (hardcopy recipients) as well as being in the back of the Outlandish Herald. The office cannot accept cash. Checks or money orders should be made payable to SCA-Outlands. NOTICE: Effective immediately, the price for submissions has gone up by one dollar ($1.00). Submissions will now cost the submitter $11.00 per item (name, device, or badge counts as an item). Of this $11.00, $1.00 should stay with the local group. $10.00 should be sent to the kingdom. Our previous fee, $10.00, was set years ago when postage (standard letter) was only 29 cents. As it is now 34 cents, and as copying and printing costs have also risen, the College must make this change in order to keep up. (We are still running in the red, but this brings us somewhat closer to meeting our submissions costs.) Local heralds should collect $11.00 from the submitter. Cash is inappropriate for this transaction. Please have the submitter submit a check or money order made out to your local branch for $11.00. Your local Reeve/Treasurer/Exchequer should accept the check from you, and give you a check for $10.00 made out to SCA-Outlands. Send that check, along with the submissions paperwork, to the Rampart Herald.

Please be sure to make the following copies of your submission forms and any documentation:

Names: One copy of everything to the submitter, one to the local files, and two to Rampart.

Armory: One color copy and one black-and-white copy to the client; one of each to the local files; and three color and one black-and-white copy to Rampart. Color copies should be colored with Crayolaä "Classic" markers or a similar brand of standard, brilliant colors; please do not use metallic colors, pastels or other special shades, colored pencils, or crayons. Anything which is the tincture "Or" (gold or yellow) should be colored yellow on the submission form; anything "argent" (silver or white) should be left white-no coloring necessary. The Laurel Queen of Arms has decreed that computer-colored forms (color inkjet or laser printers) are not acceptable. When submitting your device, there are no rules about who may use the escutcheon (shield-shape) form or the lozenge (diamond-shape) form; use whatever the client likes best. Once they are registered, the client may display his/her device on any shape they please, regardless of what form was used.

A summary of items registered through the Outlands in the year 2000 will be produced by the Rampart Herald as soon as possible. It will be distributed to the rostered heralds, posted to appropriate email lists, and published in the Outlandish Herald as soon as it is available. Please see Rampart Herald under Reports, below, for further information about checking the status of your own submissions on the new Rampart website.Resources: The new Weel Pursuivant will be re-vamping the Heralds' Handbook ASAP. As soon as the new edition is available, I will inform all rostered heralds.

Every herald should also be familiar with the Rules for Submission, the rules according to which names and armory are checked. These are available from the web site of the Laurel Queen of Arms. Visit http://www.sca.org, then click "Heraldry" then "Rules and regulations." If you need hard copies of these mailed to you, please let me know and we can arrange something. Most of the local branch heralds do not have good research books for doing name and device consultations. I had written in last year's Domesday report and branch heralds should contact me if necessary, and we would try to find funds for purchasing such materials. However, none of the branch heralds have done so.

The Wharrow Pursuivant has been instructed to pursue fundraising opportunities with an eye toward the purchase and distribution of copies of our standard name resources (Withycombe, Reaney & Wilson, etc.) for our local branches. I will update the College on this issue as Wharrow and I locate possible fundraising opportunities.

Roll of Arms: The Roll of Arms of the Outlands was produced in March of 1999. It is, by now, somewhat out of date. I will be pursuing the publication of an update with the Weel Pursuivant and Wimble Herald ASAP.

Reports: Every branch herald and member of the Senior Staff (Palmer, Blue Iris, Rampart, Wimble, Gimlet, Plover, Trefoil, Fretty, Weel, Wharrow) should report to White Stag at least quarterly. Monthly reports would be much preferred. My contact information is at the head of this letter. I most prefer email, but written reports by post are fine. Please keep a copy of your report for your local files. Please also note that your local group should be paying for any postage and copying costs of sending your reports to me, as well as heraldic submissions. If this is a problem, and you have tried unsuccessfully to work it out with your local seneschal and reeve/treasurer/exchequer, please feel free to contact me for assistance. The following details reports received by this office from the Senior Staff and from branch heralds in the year 2000. This year was a hectic one for me; I changed residences a few (4) times, and changed jobs twice. As a result, I have a nagging fear that some reports which were sent to me may have been misplaced. If you have copies of reports which are not mentioned below, please send them to me (email or hardcopy) for my files. I apologize for the trouble.

Senior Staff (roughly in alphabetical order):

Fretty Herald: The office of Fretty was vacant for much of the year. It is now held by Lady Kiena Munro. I have begun forwarding Letters of Intent to her, so she can write commentary.

Gimlet Herald: Master Juan Balthazar de Tigrerro held the office of Gimlet Herald through mid-December. I did not receive any formal reports from him, but have corresponded with him regularly regarding ceremonies. He was involved in the coronation ceremonies for Their Majesties Kynan & Elanor (May) and Caesan & Vanna (November), as well as his own Pelican ceremony. He also was involved regularly in field heraldry. His deputy, Countess Aindrea MacCullaich, took over as Gimlet Herald in mid-December. She has begun assisting persons newly offered peerage with questions and ideas regarding their peerage ceremonies.

Palmer Herald: The office of Palmer Herald, my emergency replacement ("drop-dead") deputy, was vacant for most of the year. Master Juan Balthazar de Tigrerro took over the office in mid-December after passing Gimlet to Countess Aindrea.

Plover Herald: THL Ayslynn merch Guincatan was the Plover Herald through June. I received a quarterly report from her in early April. The office was then taken over by THL Safia al Sabia al Zarqa. I received her Domesday report on 1/18/01. Both ladies were instrumental this year in organizing field heralds for major tournaments, especially Crown Tournaments.

Rampart Herald: The office of the Rampart Herald was vacant until Lord Naitan de Yerdeburc accepted it in March. He produced a Domesday report (1/8/01), and the following letters: 8 Internal Letters of Response, 8 External Letters of Intent, 7 Internal Letters of Presentation, 4 Rampart Letters of Comment, and 130 Submitter Notification Letters. Phew! Lord Rampart has also created a webpage which archives these letters, at http://www.publoarc.org/ocoh/ . The server has been somewhat unreliable lately, but it is being worked upon. He hopes (and I agree) to rebuke some of the mystery regarding the submissions process and to make information regarding the status of submissions available to the submitters and the local heralds more easily. He has begun mailing hardcopies of Internal LoP's and LoR's only to those who cannot accept those letters by email/website, which we hope will significantly reduce the costs of the office. Of course, external Letters of Intent and letters to submitters regarding decisions on their submissions continue to be sent via post. Lord Rampart points to two challenges, both of which we hope to be able to clear up soon. Firstly, it has been our shared experience that communications with the Outlands Chancellor the Exchequer have been frustrating at best. As the College of Heralds does not have its own bank account, we rely upon the kingdom to send checks to the College of Arms for our submissions. At one time, we were several months behind in those payments, and the Laurel Queen of Arms had notified us that Outlandish submissions would no longer be considered until payment was received. The costs of producing and mailing regular letters are also tremendous, and heralds cannot be expected to shoulder these costs without receiving reimbursements from the kingdom in a timely fashion. It is imperative that the Chancellor of the Exchequer should act with all haste in making payments to the College of Arms and reimbursements to the members of the Outlands College of Heralds, especially to the Rampart Herald. As the Exchequery has recently changed hands, we are hopeful that this problem will be entirely alleviated. Lord Rampart points also to a second challenge, poor documentation of names submitted to the College. As I discuss elsewhere in this letter, the Wharrow Pursuivant (fundraising) and I are working on methods of raising funds in order to purchase research materials for our local branches. We believe that this will greatly improve the ability of local heralds to advise their clients on well-constructed, period names.

Trefoil Herald: The Trefoil Herald is la Doña Dulcinea Margarita Teresa Velázquez de Ribera. This year, she commented on three internal letters and ninety-eight external letters. She also assisted clients with name and armory consultations, and taught a class on that subject at the Outlands Heralds & Scribes Symposium in March.

Weel Pursuivant: The office of the Weel Pursuivant was vacant for much of 2000. It was held temporarily by Countess Kathryn of Iveragh, but she relinquished it in returning to the duties of the Wimble Herald.

Wharrow Pursuivant: The office of the Wharrow Pursuivant (fundraising) was vacant for much of 2000. Lady Irina Vukoslava agreed to fill the position beginning in late August. I have receivined no formal reports from her, but she has been pursuing possible avenues of fundraising, and we have been in informal contact regularly.

Wimble Herald: The office of the Wimble Herald was held through the first half of the year by THL Siubhan MacDuff, and through the second by Countess Kathryn of Iveragh. The "Who's Who" (Order of Precedence organized alphabetically by SCA name) is up-to-date as of 12/31/00. I have received a hardcopy, but it is not feasible to mail copies with this report. It is available online at http://www.unm.edu/~kballar/heraldry/wimble.html . Kingdom Scribe: See College of Scribes, below.

White Stag: I produced quarterly reports in April, July, and October. The business of the College of Heralds proceeds generally smoothly. If you have suggestions or complaints, please let me know! Branch Heralds:

Aarquelle, Shire of: Lord Naitan de Yerdeburc has been the shire herald all year, in addition to being the Rampart Herald since March. The shire had no courts or submissions this year, and held only one event involving field heralds. He is seeking a replacement. I received a Domesday report for Aarquelle, but no other reports for the year. However, since I have been in constant communciation with Lord Naitan in his role as Rampart, I am not concerned. There are a few new members in the shire, and Lord Naitan hopes that business will pick up.

al-Barran, Barony of: Lady Tana a l'Esprit Fort held the office of Scorpion Pursuivant through May. I received one report from her, dated 4/21/00, detailing submissions passed/returned and awards recently given. Lord Charles Roberts took over the office at Grand Outlandish in May. I received one report from him, on 6/16/00, detailing possible deputies with whom he was meeting. I have received nothing since, and will be pursuing this issue with him in the near future.

Blaiddwyn, College of: Lady Agate Fahrwanderin was the college herald through 9/19/00. There was very little heraldic-related activity in the college during that time. I received no reports. Countess AnneAliz de Bâle took over on 9/19/00. I received reports on 9/19 and 10/24, and a Domesday on 1/2/01. There was little activity, but they have begun regular consultation and commenting meetings with the Fretty Herald. Congrats and thank you for getting these going!

Bofharrach, Canton of: The office of Pursuivant Extraordinary is vacant. They have sent submissions through the Barony of Unser Hafen and directly to the kingdom this year.

Caer Galen, Shire of: On 3/14/00, after being approached by Maistre Louis-Phillippe Mitouard, the shire seneschal, I dismissed Lady Amarantha as the shire herald. On 4/3/00 Lady Kiara Loftus took over the position, which she had held previously. I received detailed reports from her on 4/2, 5/7, 6/5, 7/10, 8/2, 9/7, 10/23, 11/5, 12/3, 12/29 and a Domesday on 12/29. These reports included information on submissions, awards, meetings, consultations, and an inventory of the office's resources. These have consistently been the most complete, timely and detailed reports that I have received, and I am greatly appreciative of Lady Kiara's work. Regana van Kortrijk has been her deputy since October, and has now taken over the office for the new year. I received an introductory note from her on 1/2/01.

Caer Mithin Halle, Shire of: Lady Prydwen of Gryphonscrag has held the position of shire herald all year. I received reports on 6/1/00 and 12/6/00. There was very little activity of heraldic origin in the shire. There are a few newer members with a possible interest in submissions, for the near future.

Caerthe, Barony of: Lady Kseniya Mikhailovna Morskaya held the position of Aspen Pursuivant until June. The office was taken over at that time by Lady Sorcha MacLeod. I received a June report from Lady Kseniya, and reports from Lady Sorcha on 9/26, 11/29, and 1/5/01. Katrein die Adlerin has become Lady Sorcha's deputy; I corresponded with her several times in December. To top it all off, Lady Sorcha gave birth on 12/13 to Dorian Michael Ackerson (just over 7 pounds, 20 inches long). Congratulations!

Citadel of the Southern Pass, Barony of: I received no reports or other correspondence from Lord Kalfon, and he was removed on 3/28. Lady Sarah Archer of Salisbury replaced him as Rook Pursuivant, and I received reports from her on 4/4, 5/8, 6/29, 8/3, 11/2, 12/2, and a Domesday on 1/4/01. These reports focused primarily on submissions in progress.

Dragonsspine, Barony of: Lord Weltschin von Wertheim was the Scalene Pursuivant through Coronation in May. I received one report from him, 3/6/00, regarding submissions. Viscountess Katya Wanderer held the post from May through September. I received one report from her, 7/10/00, regarding submissions and awards, and the catching-up of baronial records. THL Tatiana Pavlovna Sokolova has been Scalene Pursuivant since September. I have one written letter from her, 1/8/01, although I was present for several verbal reports at Dragonsspine business meetings. If Scalene has copies of reports from this year, I would very much like to get them.

Drygestan, Shire of: The office of Pursuivant Extraordinary for the shire has been vacant for the entirety of the year.

Duthaich Beinna Aird, Shire of: Likewise, the office of the shire herald is vacant.

Fontaine dans Sable, Shire of: Lady Schuyler of the Island of Skye held the office through 11/28/00, when she stepped down. I received reports on 3/9, 10/25, and 11/28. She indicated that "Thorus" would be the next Shire herald, but I have no idea who this person is. Will Thorus or Schuyler or the shire seneschal please contact me on this? Thanks!

Gleann Medonach, Shire of: THL Siubhan MacDuff has been the shire herald for the entirety of the year. I received one report, 3/6/00, regarding awards given to shire citizens.

Hawk's Hollow, Canton of: Lord Eric Morrison of Thistlekeep has been the canton herald all year. I have no reports in my files for this year, which I think is ridiculous, since I know I have corresponded with Lord Eric during this year. Eric, can you please send me copies of reports from this year? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hinterland, Shire of: THL Sorcha ni Ghlais retired as the shire herald at the end of 1999. The office was vacant until 7/26/00, when THL Peregrin Elric of Courtenay took over. I have had no reports since.

Kahlland, Shire of: THL Oscar Einhard held the office of shire herald for the duration of the year. I have reports from 5/16 and 6/15. Your Lordship, if there are more, can you please resend them? There has been very little heraldic activity in Kahlland this year.

Loch Thioram, Shire of: I have heard nothing from Loch Thioram, and I am assuming that the office of pursuivant extraordinary is vacant.

Mædscir: I do not have any information for a herald in this brand new shire, and am assuming that the office is vacant.

Nahrun Kabirun, Shire of: Lady Catelin Mactaggart has been the shire herald for the entirety of the year. I received reports for the first & second quarters, and a Domesday on 12/24/00. These reports detailed submissions, workshops, courts, town crying, tourneys and awards which took place in Nahrun Kabirun or with regard to its citizens. Thank you for these very complete reports!

Northwolde, Shire of: Iamys Ffraser is the rostered herald for this branch, but the White Stag office has received nothing from Northwolde since 1/1/98. I will assume that the office is now vacant.

Plattefordham, Shire of: Lord Ælfraed Hawkmoon is the shire herald. I have a report dated 5/2/00 and a domesday dated 1/4/01 in my files, but I believe there should be more. Lord Ælfraed, will you please resend anything else you have? The reports I did receive were quite complete, and detailed submissions, awards, income, expenses, inventory, etc.

Rio de las Animas Perdidas, Shire of: Lady Isabella de la Luna as the shire herald for the first half of the year. Lord Gavin Kent took over in June. I have reports from June and July, a third quarter report detailing July, August & September, and have had numerous other communications with Lord Gavin. I also received his Domesday, dated 1/2/01. Submissions, awards and tourneys were all detailed in these reports. Thank you!

Saint Golias, College of: Vincent McIntire is the college herald. I received a note from the seneschal (and former herald) of the college on 7/30, and one report on 1/16/01 from the herald. He writes that he will redouble his efforts to report on a more regular schedule.

Schola Metallorum, College of: The White Stag office has received nothing since 12/25/97. I will assume that the office is now vacant.

Scorpions Hollow, Shire of: Meuric ap Rhys held the office through 10/23/00. I received one report from him, on 1/27/00. After the shire seneschal and I communicated extensively, Meuric was removed from office on 10/23.

Tygre's Keep, College of: The herald's office is vacant.

Unser Hafen, Barony of: THLady Aildhicinna MacAilpein has been the Barbican Pursuivant for the entirety of the year. I received reports on 4/24/00 and 1/9/01. Conchobarre ni Bryon is her deputy, and is expect to succeed her as Barbican Pursuivant.

Valley of Light, Shire of: Lord Cormic the Archer is the herald of this young shire. There have been a few submissions. I received reports on 6/8, 8/8, and 11/10.

Venerable Bede, College of the: Zoe is the herald for this young college, as of 11/5/00.

White Mountain, Shire of: The herald's office is vacant.

Windkeep, Shire of: Gwyneth Penros steped down on 6/13/00. The office has been vacant since. I have been in contact with many Windkeep citizens regarding submissions. I would recommend most strenuously to the shire that it seek to fill the office.

As is apparent from the above, many of the Outlands branch heralds have failed to report even quarterly. In the past, this office has been very lenient on this subject. However, I will be pursuing this issue more firmly in the future. I do not believe it is unreasonable to expect an officer of the SCA to be able to send me an email or letter once per quarter saying, "Nothing happened" (assuming nothing did). I will be particular interested in baronies, where the herald's office must be filled, according to Corpora.

College of Scribes: THL Maredudd Angharad ferch Gwenyhfar, Kingdom Scribe, has corresponded with me regularly. Her detailed Domesday report is separate from this one, and will go directly to the Crown, the Kingdom Seneschal, and the members of the College of Scribes. I have received quarterly reports from her throughout the year, and have corresponded with her very regularly. The revised Scribe's Handbook was completed and distributed this year, and the College of Scribes has advanced toward the goals of increased communication, education, and confidentiality, and of greater exposure and recognition for scribes and their work.

The College of Scribes faces a challenge in addressing short-notice scrolls, and back-scrolls for awards given with no assignment at all. The kingdom scribe has been working closely with the Crown of the Outlands to address the issue of making scroll assignments at least two (preferably four or more) weeks ahead of time, and I believe that the importance of this time frame has been conveyed to Their Majesties.

We, as heralds, are the servants of the people of the Outlands. Our job is to make the SCA "game" a magical, ceremonial experience, one which brings the Middle Ages to life for the participants. I am humbled by the tremendous job which the members of the College have done this year in accomplishing that goal. Your research, your talents, and your service are not unnoticed, and you have my deepest thanks.

THL Timothy O'Brien
White Stag Principal Herald