Outlands College of Heralds
From the White Stag Principal Herald
Lady Marie de Blois - Lillith Lesanges - 526 Georgene Drive NE, Unit D - Albuquerque, NM 87123
[ whitestag@outlands.org ]

20 February 2007

To Their Majesties Artan VI and Aziza, King and Queen of the Outlands, Countess Elisabeth, Laurel Queen of Arms, Conte Giovanni, Outlands Seneschal, the Outlands College of Heralds, and to all others who come by these letters, warm greetings from Lady Marie de Blois, White Stag Principal Herald.

Herein is my monthly report to the Crown and kingdom seneschal and quarterly report to Laurel.

I was invested in this office a few short weeks ago on the 2nd of February. I picked up the files from my predecessor, Lady Sorcha, the weekend of the 27th of January, but have not yet been able to look through them. I have been honored to attend the Crown during court at Candlemas and at Estrella War, and hope to continue doing so.

Heralds should be aware that only the new submissions forms are now accepted. They are available in PDF format on the Castle and Rampart website at: http://submissions.outlandsheralds.org

I have put forth a call for bids for a Outlands Heralds and Scribes Symposia, as we have not had one in some time. I hope to hold one late this summer or early fall and another one next spring, and have already heard from some heralds interested in hosting one. As this is not currently an official kingdom event, I have requetsed that all bids be sent to myself and Mistress Nadrah, the kingdom scribe.

I have discovered that, although my quarterly reports to Laurel are due at the end of February, May, August, and November, many heralds report on a March, June, September, December quarterly schedule, with the December report sometimes being replaced by the Domesday. Although reporting to match my quarterly schedule would be optimal, as long as a report is received during the quarter, all is well.

All heralds are requested to send reports to whitestag@outlandsheralds.org, instead of my personal email address. This will make archiving and sorting much easier in the long run - they'll be received either way.

Finances remain in the hands of the Kingdom Exchequer. Castle reports to the Exchequer each month on checks received for which groups, submitters, and items, and Rampart requests payment to Laurel for submissions likewise itemized.

Kingdom staff heralds are required to report quarterly, but are encouraged to report more frequently. The following kingdom staff herald positions remain vacant: Fretty Herald (CoA commenter), Trefoil Herald (CoA commenter). Here follow summaries and status reports for the kingdom staff heralds:

Blue Iris [Queen's Herald/Royal Court] – Don Charles Robert Blackstone fills this position. He delivers swift and complete court reports. Warrant expires May 2007.

Castle [Internal Submissions] - Maestra Francesca di Pavia fulfills reporting requirements with Letters of Presentation. This title is in submission. Warrant expires 01 May 2008.

Gimlet [Protocol/Ceremonies] Countess Aindrea Mac Cullaich recently worked on the ceremony for the investiture of White Stag. Her warrant expires 29 July 2008.

Liber [CoA Commenter] Dominus Meradudd Cethin fulfills reporting requirements with Letters of Comment. Warrant expires 01 January 2008.

Palmer [Emergency Replacement/Administration] – Lady Sorcha MacLeod has taken over this position on an interim basis. Warrant expires 02 August 2007.

Plover [Field Heraldry] – Lord Æthelwulf continues to fulfill his duties with diligence and skill, including organizing heralds for muster at Estrella War. Sheik Omar has agreed to be one of his deputies. Emergency backup is Herrin Katrein Adler. Warrant expires 01 November 2007.

Rampart [Submissions] – Furukusu-dono Masahide generates regular Letters of Response and Letters of Intent, which fulfill his reporting requirement. He is searching for a successor. Those with interest should contact Furukusu. He also reports that he has recently acquired a deputy, Lord Iohannes. Warrant expires 01 September 2007.

Rampart Clerk [Notifications] - Lady Elanor Dreamweaver has agreed to take on this position. She and Rampart are working out the process for notifications.

Weel [Herald Education/Publications] – Master Juan Balthazar Tegero continues to evaluate the handbooks for necessary revisions. Warrant expires 01 August 2007.

Wharrow [On-line Roll of Arms] – Lord Llywus ap Alan continues to make swift updates to the Roll, and continues to make progress on filling in older arms. Emergency backup is Lady Halla inn heppna Knorsdottir. Warrant expires 01 June 2007.

Wimble [Precedence] – Lady Kymma Godric has taken over this position, and has been entering court reports in a timely fashion, and is catching up on a backlog of award entries for gentles who have moved here bearing awards from other kingdoms. Warrant expires 2 February 2009.

Kingdom Scribe – Mistress Nadrah bint Lu'lu' al-Qadisi runs the College of Scribes, and all is well there. Warrant expires 13 May 2008.

OCoH Webminister – Lady Kymma Godric continues to maintain the OCoH website, making updates swiftly and cleanly. She also continues to nudge those members of the web team who are responsible for various projects, keeping us as near as possible to our desired scheduled releases of new features.

Baronial heralds are required to report monthly. Here follow summaries of the reports of the baronial heralds:

Caerthe (Aspen): Herr Conrad von Zollern reports in great detail, and he is kept busy with a quantity of heraldic work. Warrant expires 01 January 2008.

al-Barran (Scorpion): Lord Conn mac Eoghain reports on submissions and finances. Master Balthazar is his deputy for court heraldry. Warrant expires 14 June 2008.

Dragonsspine (Scalene): Lady Kiara Loftus reports that her barony has been quiet, with light heraldic activity. Warrant expires 05 March 2008.

Citadel of the Southern Pass (Rook): Sheik Omar Mohammud Mirzazadeh reports light activity. He continues his educational efforts and has agreed to become part of Plover's staff. Warrant expired 01 January 2007 - he will be stepping down shortly, to be succeeded by Sir Konrad von Griefswald, Escarbuncle Herald Extraordinary.

Unser Hafen (Barbican): Mistress Theresea die Tanzerin reports a moderate amount of activity. Warrant expires 23 July 2007.

Caer Galen (Ray du Soliel): Reginald Cowperthwaite took over this office near the end of January. Lady Lyonnette de Soleil sends a final report on submissions and courts. Warrant expires 27 January 2009.

Fontaine dans Sable (Black Fountain): Lord Caelan MacKinnon sends his Domesday, reporting on activity in the barony, but his February report was delayed by a family emergency . Baron Duncan Alister MacRae will be acting as court herald for the new coronet. Emergency deputy is Lady Anna MacTaggart. Warrant expires 07 June 2008.

Shire, canton, and college heralds are required to report quarterly, so reports are not missing until three months have passed without a report. Shires, cantons, and colleges are not required to have branch heralds, and several of them do not, though some have associations with friendly heralds who do consultation.

Aarquelle: Lady Kristrún Hrafnsdóttir reports very light activity.

Bofarach: Lady Madeleine de Seraucourt reports on submissions.

Hawks Hollow: Lord Tyrfingr von Wolfsberg reports in detail on submissions, awards, and other heraldic activity for his canton and the general Caerthe metropolitan area.

Nahrun Kabirun: Lord Valentine Akritas reports virtually no activity.

Threespires: Herrin Katrein Adler reports light activity for the college during this quarter.

Here ends my report.

serving Crown and heraldry,

Marie de Blois
White Stag