Outlands College of Heralds
From the White Stag Principal Herald
Lady Sorcha MacLeod - Tammy Ackerson - 107 S. Taylor St. Unit B - Laramie, WY 82070
[ whitestag@outlands.org ]

19 February 2005

Report: Monthly to Kingdom
Report: Quarterly to Laurel

Greetings unto Ibrahim and Ileana, Sultan and Sultana of the Outlands, Master François la Flamme, Laurel King of Arms, Mistress Leah de Montgomerie, Outlands Seneschal, the Outlands College of Heralds, and to all others who come by these letters, from Lady Sorcha MacLeod, White Stag Principal Herald!

Specific issues:

Current activities:

I have received reports from:

Kingdom Staff - 82% of 11 filled positions

Kingdom Staff are required to report quarterly, but are encouraged to report more frequently.

Blue Iris [Queen’s Herald/Royal Court] – Master Adam continues to provide court reports, and recently taught a class on how to project and protect one’s voice, which he reports was well-attended, and there were at least two minors who participated. Warrant expires 14 May 2005.

Fretty [CoA Commenter] fulfills reporting requirement with LoCs. This office is currently vacant.

Gimlet [Protocol/Ceremonies] Countess Aindrea sends no January report. Emergency backup is Baroness Anne Bigod. Warrant expires 01 June 2005.

Liber [CoA Commenter] fulfills reporting requirements with LoCs. Herr Conrad von Zollern has accepted the title, and is working on the first steps to be confirmed in his appointment. Warrant expires 01 January 2007, pending Laurel approval.

Palmer [Emergency Replacement/Administration] – THLady Alia Marie de Blois is currently working on finishing the Rampart tracking site. Warrant expires 01 January 2007.

Plover [Field Heraldry] – Current standings in the Plover Challenge are available at: http://plover.outlandsheralds.org. Warrant expires 01 November 2006.

Rampart [Submissions] – fulfills reporting requirement with LoIs. This office is currently vacant.

Trefoil [CoA Commenter] fulfills reporting requirement with LoCs. Baron Timothy is generating timely and useful commentary. Also, he took his show on the road recently, and held a commenting meeting in far-flung Scorpions Hollow, which I am told was well-attended and even a few non-heralds were present and found the process and the information interesting. Baron Timothy has offered to hold commenting meetings in various groups around the kingdom, depending on where his travel for business takes him. Warrant expires 01 December 2006.

Weel [Herald Education/Publications] – Master Balthazar has compiled the responses to our education discussion from the end of 2004. He has a new project in the works for KWHS 2005. Emergency deputy is THLady Margaret Hepburn of Ardrossan. Warrant expires 01 August 2006.

Wharrow [On-line Roll of Arms] – Lord Llywus is participating in the database project headed by Ceolwen. Emergency deputy is Lady Halla inn heppna Knorsdottir. Warrant expires 01 June 2006.

Wimble [Precedence] – Duchess Kathryn is participating in the database project headed by Ceolwen, but sends no specific report for January. Emergency deputy is THLady Seuilla de Cordoba. Warrant expires 01 June 2005.

Kingdom Scribe – Mistress Bennet and I remain in regular contact. Emergency deputy is Mistress Averil du Bois d'Avignon. Warrant expires 13 May 2006.

OCoH Webminister – THLady Alia Marie continues to maintain the College website, and is participating in the database project headed by Ceolwen. She is also in discussion with the Kingdom Webminister regarding a future migration of the OcoH site to the same host used by the kingdom. http://www.outlandsheralds.org

Baronies – 71% for January

Baronies are required to report monthly.

Caerthe: No report from Aspen. A message has been sent inquiring.

al-Barran: THLord Pendar, Scorpion, reports thoroughly as usual, summarizing all heraldic activity in his barony. He has been sent an updated copy of the roster.

Dragonsspine: Scalene sends a detailed report as usual, summarizing a great deal of heraldic activity. New heralds continue to receive encouragement and opportunities to participate. Lady Halla is taking a two-week vacation the latter half of February.

Citadel of the Southern Pass: Rook sends a summary of low activity. He plans to volunteer at Estrella and at the upcoming Crown Tournament.

Unser Hafen: Barbican reports no new activity, one new deputy.

Caer Galen: No report from Ray du Soliel. Last contact indicates that Lady Regana is still seeking a successor, and is working 80-hour weeks.

Fontaine dans Sable: Lady Anna, Black Fountain, sends a thorough report, and notes the details of submissions status, financial activity, and vocal heraldry. She has developed a starter packet for new name submissions of which I have requested a copy, and has received a donated Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry.

Shires, Cantons, Colleges - 33% of 12 filled positions for the quarter Branch officers except for Baronial Pursuivants are required to report quarterly, so reports are not missing until three months have passed without a report. Shires, Cantons, and Colleges are not required to have branch heralds.

Aarquelle - Kristrún sends no report for January. Domesday was received.

Bede's College (Incipient) - Vacant

Blaiddwyn - Ecgþeow sends no report for January. Domesday was received.

Bloodstone Keep (Incipient) - THLady Killian MacKenzie sends no report for January. Domesday was received.

Bofharrach - Uli sends no report for January. Domesday was received.

Drygestan - Sayidda Maimuna al-Bukhariyya is the new herald for Drygestan. Welcome to the College!

Dúthaich Beinne Áird - Vacant

Gleann Medonach - Vacant

Hawk’s Hollow - Lord Eoin reports in detail, as did his predecessor, and the transition of office has appeared seamless on my end. Nicely done, gentlemen. Domesday was received.

Hinterland - Vacant

Nahrun Kabirun - Gideon sends no report for January. Domesday was received.

Plattefordham - Lord Aelfraed sends no report for January. Domesday was received.

Rams Keep (Incipient) - Vacant

Rio de las Animas - Freiherr Gerhardt sends no report for January. Domesday was received.

Saint Golias - Vacant

Scola Metallorum - Lady Tangwystl sends a brief report noting no new activity, and summarizing the awards given to Scola members at Caerthen 12th Night. Domesday was received.

Scorpions Hollow - THLady Margaret sends a summary of activity. She is pursuing heraldic knowledge at full steam, and has agreed to be Weel’s backup. She was offered admittance to the Order of the Laurel at Citadel 12th Night, answer to be given at Kingdom A&S. Congratulations! Domesday was received.

Three Spires (Incipient) - Vacant

Tygre's Keep - Vacant

White Mountain - Vacant

Windkeep - Lord Cameron sends no report for January. Domesday was received.


Finances are in the hands of the Kingdom Exchequer. White Stag/Rampart reports to the Exchequer each month on checks received for which groups, submitters, and items, and requests payment to Laurel for submissions likewise itemized.

In service and in duty,
Sorcha White Stag