Outlands College of Heralds
From the White Stag Principal Herald
Lady Sorcha MacLeod - Tammy Ackerson - 107 S. Taylor St. Unit B - Laramie, WY 82070
[ whitestag@outlands.org ]

20 October 2004

Report: Monthly to Kingdom

Greetings unto Mistress Leah de Montgomerie, Outlands Seneschal, and to all others who come by these letters, from Lady Sorcha MacLeod, White Stag Principal Herald!

This report may be summarized. Any questions should be directed to whitestag@outlands.org. I have received my signed warrant from Laurel, but it appears to have gotten misfiled during my recent spate of getting things out of boxes and into filing cabinets. I have requested a new copy from Laurel, and the first one to arrive will be copied and mailed to the Crown and Kingdom Seneschals.

Specific issues:

Current activities:

Summary of Reports

Kingdom Staff - 82% of 11 filled positions. Kingdom Staff are required to report quarterly, but are encouraged to report more frequently.

Fretty [CoA Commenter] fulfills reporting requirement with LoCs. Fretty reports her resignation due to lack of interest by her commenting group. Her efforts are appreciated, and I hope that interest will pick up again in the future.

Rampart [Submissions] – fulfills reporting requirement with LoIs. Notifications backlog is significantly reduced, and Rampart continues to work on that project. Emergency deputy is Master Walter Kempe of Falconhold.

Gimlet [Protocol] - Reports continued activity. Emergency backup is Baroness Anne Bigod.

Wharrow [On-line Roll of Arms] – continues working on cleaning up some of the graphics and correcting a few errors in the Roll. Emergency deputy is Lady Halla inn heppna Knorsdottir.

Wimble [Precedence] – Reports updates made. Emergency deputy is THLady Seuilla de Cordoba.

Palmer (Interim) [Emergency Replacement] – does not report currently under this title.

Kingdom Scribe – Mistress Bennet reports 49 scribes have worked on around 170 scrolls this reign. She also reports new scribes are becoming involved, and some experienced scribes are holding classes on various topics and organizing scribes for blank scroll projects. Huzzah to the scribes! Emergency deputy is Mistress Averil du Bois d'Avignon.

Plover [Field Heraldry] – Emergency deputy is Lord AEthewulf of Golias. Deputy Plover reports on the new Plover Challenge and continues his promotion of field heraldry.

Blue Iris [Queen’s Herald/Royal Court] – no report

Weel [Herald Education/Publications] – Master Balthazar reports nothing new for September.

OCoH Webminister – THLady Alia Marie reports having updated the look and usefulness of the OCoH website, and plans to improve upon several areas in the near future. http://www.outlandsheralds.org

Baronies – 86% Baronies are required to report monthly.

Caerthe: I have received communication from Aspen indicating computer failure. She has resent her August report and provided her September report.

al-Barran: Scorpion's report was thorough as always, listing the status of submissions, awards received by members of the barony, and miscellaneous heraldic activity. He is working on an appeal for a client, and he has started to look for a deputy specifically to handle shopping for materials for the Scorpion library.

Dragonsspine: Scalene sends a detailed report and outlines current plans to increase heraldic activity in the Barony. She reports new deputies, along with an accounting of finances and awards. Efforts to promote field heraldry are largely successful.

Citadel of the Southern Pass: Rook reports planned consultation meetings and continued low activity levels.

Unser Hafen: Barbican reports an attack of Real Life, and she will pick up the September information in her October report.

Caer Galen: Rayon du Soliel reports two items registered and no financial activity. There were a few awards for September, and Regana reports court and consultation activity. She reports that Sir Magnus performed court heraldry for evening court at Caer Galen A&S.

Fontaine dans Sable: Black Fountain reports receiving those submissions held up by his deputy's recent illness for processing and includes a number of awards for the month. He also reports the activity of some new heralds in his area. I hope to hear that Lord Fergus is well soon.

Shires, Cantons, Colleges - 42% of 12 filled positions Branch officers except for Baronial Pursuivants are required to report quarterly. Shires, Cantons, and Colleges are not required to have branch heralds. If I haven't heard from you in the last quarter, send a report right away.

Aarquelle - Vacant Bede's College - Lady Zoe? - no report Blaiddwyn - Ecgþeow reports having taken over the office from Lord AEthelwulf, who will be moving on to kingdom staff office in the near future. Welcome to the College!

Bofharrach - Vacant Drygestan - Vacant Dúthaich Beinne Áird - Baroness Christina reports some submissions activity and an award.

Gleann Medonach - Lord Lance - no report. Hawk’s Hollow - Herr Conrad reports in detail on the submissions, awards, and other heraldic activity of his canton.

Hinterland - THLord Peregrine - no report. Kahlland - Vacant Nahrun Kabirun - Gideon reports some submissions activity. Northwolde - Vacant Plattefordham - Lord Aelfraed - no report Rio de las Animas - Freiherr Gerhardt - no report Saint Golias - Vacant Scola Metallorum - Lady Tangwystl - no report Scorpion's Hollow - THLady Margaret reports steady activity in submissions, vocal heraldry, and display projects. She has obtained the petitions for the shire's upcoming change of name and device submissions.

Three Spires - Vacant Tygre's Keep - Vacant White Mountain - Vacant Windkeep - Lord Cameron - no report

My emergency deputy is Maistre Louis-Phillipe Mitouard, Palmer Herald, whose contact information is on a previously enclosed roster.

In service and in duty,
Sorcha White Stag